Jigar, I am late by around 16 hours. Sorry! The new feature I will talk about is to split the view of a document. It should look somewhat like this. http://www.codejacked.com/split-views-for-documentsspreadsheets/. Even our beloved konsole can be divided into parts. It has an option of splitting the view under View->SplitView.  The same thing will be implemented in Sheets too!

The way I will be doing:-

1.The entire sheet will  be taken into consideration.So the default number of rows and columns will be taken into account. Now, one has options. I might have entered value into 4 rows and I am wanting to split the sheet into two parts which is somewhat hilarious but at the same time tricky. So, here I will copy all the 4 rows and paste it in the second half of the sheet and show it to the user.

2.Now, if the document is big, what should we do? Splitting can be into two ways- vertical and horizontal. In vertical splitting, the portion that cannot of seen is placed at the side.So rows  are resized. In horizontal splitting, the rows are resized and the next portion is placed in the second part. Both are same, only the coding is different slightly.


      Suppose, there are two important portions related but on different portions of the sheet. The reader can split the view and can read it. It is handy. Even for the konsole I have seen.Hurray!!!!!


4 thoughts on “

  1. Aaron

    Any chance you could implement splitting widgets in a way that is generic enough you could apply it to any QWidget and then every KDE SC application could share the same code for that?

    1. mrupanjana Post author

      Umm, that can always be done;. But I will be doing it on the patent classes of calligra sheets mainly pagebreak, row classes. This can actually be implemented in a widget! I will see.

  2. Dennis Nienhüser

    You’re writing “So, here I will copy all the 4 rows and paste it in the second half of the sheet and show it to the user.” Do you plan to copy the content of the entire sheet and paste it into itself?


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