View Split functionality in calligra sheets

  I was searching for ways to implement View-Split in sheets. The task turned out to be slightly tricky. Splitting the view is a very handy feature. The split portions contain the same document . They have different scroll and vertical bars. Here dufferent means they do not synchronise.

Functionality :-

1. Canvas is the QWidget for sheets. So I make a Canvas object.

2. The method CanvasWidget::paint() helps to paint the canvas with data. I need to paint the canvas object with the data from the same document.

3. And here comes the option to utilise the classic QSplitter class of Qt. It splits the document. It always takes QWidget. And hence the canvas object is passed as parameters. The QSplitter object can be populated with its orientation (vertical or horizontal) too.

The feature can be improved in many good ways. Hope to do that soon.



One thought on “View Split functionality in calligra sheets

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