In the last few blog posts, I made a few mistakes. I was not being clear about my project or feature I am working on  for the sake of being lucid. 🙂

I am presently working on calligra sheets. It is a part of calligra suite. My new feature will be implemented on calligra sheets. Sheets are basically calculation worksheets.

  1. The feature highlights changes in a particular seeion. The user opens a document, feeds data into it, makes few changes; the changes will get highlighted.
  2. It is specific only to changes in a particular session. So it basically enhances readability. The user can easily find out the changes he or she has made during the entire session.

The data will be of a particular font and colour like the way we find while commenting against lines of code in different text editors.

I save the deleted data and compare it with the most recent one. If there is a change, the most recent one gets written in a particular format. 🙂


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  1. tumaix

    And also remember that your blog appears on the planet, so users do not see old blog posts, thus a small instroduction on what you are doing is always necessary.


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