The features I have implemented in my Google Summer Of Code project

Sadly, the official coding time for Google Summer of Code has come to an end. 😦 It was wonderful working with my mentor Jigar. So I have coded three features for Calligra Sheets.

1. View Splitter –
-> I have pushed the code in sheets-vs-mrupanjana.
The feature enables a particular sheet view to be split into two portions vertically. The
cursors are not synchronized. Different input data can be given in the two portions. We often do not need to work with lots of columns, so the sheet view is at times more than optimum. It can easily be split and we can continue our work on both the portions.

2. Highlighting changes in a cell –
-> Code is pushed in sheets-hc-mrupanjana
This is a really interesting one and is absent in other similar applications. The user begins a session, feeds some data in the sheet, makes some changes in the cells where already there has data. The cells which have undergone changes are highlighted with dark blue colour. This enhances readability and the user will be aware of the changes made in the present session.

3. Autocorrection of function name –
-> Code has been pushed in sheets-fName-mrupanjana
Often user forgets the exact function name for calculating cos of an angle, absolute value of a number and guesses the function names. The user makes a guess and inputs a function name which is supposedly wrong. As he or she presses enter, it gets automatically corrected.If the user does not want the change in name, he or she can escape to the next cell using tab.

I have coded the storage and the implementation of all the three features. Hope to see them merged soon. 🙂


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